Fully decentralized Peer-to peers trading platform without a costly and inaccessible intermediary / providers
Designed for people Forget not understanding derivatives or complex contracts. Simply choose where you think an asset will be in the future and commit whatever amount you like.
Transparent and fair reward The first-ever, patented algorithm that adjusts the reward to the risk you take. If you commit early, you get a higher reward. Did we mention it's the fairest platform?
Eliminating systemic risk No longer have the risk of losing more money than you invested (e.g. you buy a put and stock goes up). Your risk is capped to what you commit - no more.

Key features

01. Patent The dynamic risk-reward evaluation and the peer-to-peer mechanism that are at the heart of Close Cross are patented. PDF Download patent documentation
02. Whitepaper A work in process, click below to download our whitepaper. We encourage feedback. PDF Download white-paper
03. How it works Step by step guide to how the platform works from both provider and user perspectives. Eye Read more

Meet the team

Vaibhav Kadikar

Founder and CEO

Inventor of CloseCross construct and algorithm. Brings the glue to hold it all together.

Shahar Larry

Strategy, Innovation, Storytelling

Innovation and strategy expert. Founder of Tinker - Manage Disruption. Leading BizDev.

Patrick Schilz

Network Advisor

Principal, Lakeside Partners. Drives much of the interactions with the Crypto Valley who's who.

Marcin Zduniak

Crypto Fintech

Teams leader, architect, software developer and Blockchain technical adviser.

Christian Saucier

Blockchain expert

The man behind many successful blockchain ventures. Enables late night calls with time-zone variance.

Ariel Hajbos

Graphic Designer

UI / UX specialist in Espeo Software, responsible for design part of CloseCross identity and final app interface.

Chris Burns

Fintech Advisor

Partner, Sinclair Fox.. Specialist in talent strategy, acquisition and management within disruptive technologies.

Quentin Issele

Fintech Advisor

Founder, Smartfolio. Generous insights' sharer on all things finance and regulator.


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